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Godrej BKC

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bandra Kurla complex East, Mumbai, India
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Our goal for Godrej BKC has been to create the perfect home for a modern business. Bringing that goal to life has meant finding an outstanding location, assembling the ideal team, and striving for perfection in all aspects of the building’s design and execution.

Project highlights

Creating that space meant designing not just for the present but also for the future.

From functional and aesthetic building design, to advanced sustainability features and robust service features – every element of Godrej BKC has been designed to make each day more inspired and productive. Godrej BKC is the perfect environment for building a successful business. Because tomorrow’s success must be designed today.

Godrej BKC is designed by SOM, one of the world’s leading architecture firms, whose architects have created iconic structures like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Freedom Tower in New York. Thanks to its ideal location, outstanding design, spectacular views, flexible floor-plates, landscaped terraces and curated art program, Godrej BKC will be India’s most desirable office address for decades to come.


Greenery and quality infrastructure are hardly common attributes for a Mumbai neighborhood. But as the only planned business district in the city, Bandra Kurla Complex offers both.

It’s an ideal business environment and the only location in the city where the city’s top financial and political institutions find infrastructure to match their global stature. Consistent planning and controlled growth have made BKC a world-class business destination.

At the meeting point of Mumbai’s historic south and booming north as well of the residential and commercial west and industrial east, BKC is at the center of the city. That makes it a thriving destination for businesses, residents and visitors to India’s largest and most exciting metropolis.

On a spacious corner plot surrounded by arresting public spaces, Godrej BKC faces the world outside as much as the companies within.


  • Headquarters for many national and International banks.
  • Home to major institutions like the National Stock Exchange, Mumbai Cricket Association and Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority.
  • Lifestyle features in BKC include 5-star hotels, International schools and medical institutes.

Offices in Godrej BKC offer Mumbai’s rarest commodities: space and light. An airy corner plot and generous interior dimensions maximize natural light and exterior views. Godrej BKC has been designed to accommodate and anticipate the diverse needs of Mumbai’s most dynamic businesses.

Higher ceilings and bigger windows add to the sense of spaciousness, while large column-to-column grids optimize office layouts. Large, flexible floor plates and more space overhead provide opportunities to customize and maximize your office space. Lease depths have been planned to maximize natural light throughout the interiors of the building.

A sophisticated glazing system mitigates heat and radiation from the sun while maintaining high levels of natural daylight and expansive views. Taken together, these features make for a brighter, healthier and more comfortable workspace.

  • 19 floors of office spaces
  • 3.95-meter ceiling heights
  • 9×9-meter column-to-column grid
  • Substantive Annual energy savings








Price Rs.Contact Us
Property Type For Sale
Country India
distance: 8,212 Kilometers
Address bandra Kurla complex East, Mumbai, India


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